Quarterly Report

A quarterly report is very similar to a monthly report in that they contain the same report areas. However, we do not provide the same monthly details on wait times, car and hall calls. In these areas, we provide an overview of the previous two months and a detail of the current month. We do analyze the event log for the complete three month period and report on our findings. We will provide three separate overviews, one per month, of areas that would be covered with a monthly report.

We provide¬† a large quantity of information in our quarterly report, however, much of it is non-actionable as many items are out of date. For this reason, we do not recommend this option if risk management is your intent for this report. If you don’t need ongoing up to date information or you want to give perspective investors or buyers a short history or due diligence of how the equipment is performing, this report will provide the information you are looking for.