Competitive Edge

Every Property Manager, Leasing Agent or building owner understands the importance of making their building shine in the eyes of a potential tenant. Building and space location, favorable leasing terms and efficient vertical transportation are all important factors when a client compares potential properties for a long term lease.

Byrd Analytics, LLC can not change your building’s location, nor are we able to improve the terms of a tenants lease agreement. What we will do is document your elevator strengths and weaknesses.

If your building has very good elevator service, you need to be able to show this information to a perspective tenant. If you have less that stellar elevator service, we will document this also. You need to know how your elevators compare to your competition.

You may be a property manager who has been campaigning for an elevator modernization for some time, only to be shot down by your asset manager at every turn. You may have hired a consultant to survey your equipment and report it’s the health. You likely received a report that said your elevators were old, poorly or marginally maintained and dirty, very dirty. Then the report moves to the recommendation for modernization. Why would an Asset Manager approve such a large capital expense based on this information? You need to be armed with legitimate arguments to support your position on why modernization is necessary.

Imagine being able to demonstrate how you are loosing existing or potential tenants due to mediocre vertical transportation.

If your building has an Otis Elevator EMS Panorama system in place, you likely poses the information you need to show the powers above you what your elevators are actually doing.