Aging Building Infrastructure Is One Issue Forcing Elevator Modernization Which Buildings Need to Evaluate

Aging Building Infrastructure Is One Issue Forcing Elevator Modernization Which Buildings Need to Evaluate

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Dec 18, 2019, 10:13 ET

CHICAGO, Dec. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Aging infrastructure, code requirements, new trends and technology are always at the forefront for buildings especially if there are elevators, escalators or lifts. Buildings may have beautiful architectural and design character yet have outdated mechanicals behind the scenes requiring the elevators and escalators to undergo an elevator modernization.

Given the large scale and cost of the project, it is important to time it appropriately with the correct equipment. Many factors can go into an elevator modernization or escalator modernization. These aspects include current operational efficiencies of the building, performance, parts availability, code, budget, and age of the elevator and its mechanical components. Ensuring that buildings have all the imperative information about their equipment for the elevator modernization can be a challenge to identifying the actual scope of an elevator modernization.

Some elevator companies advise buildings to modernize several years before its lifecycle has been fulfilled, stating that it is necessary because parts are obsolete, parts aren’t available to maintain it or the equipment cannot be maintained. The Elevator Consultants recognizes the many challenges buildings are forced with when it comes to doings an elevator modernization and will identify if a modernization is needed or if companies are simply pushing to secure a lucrative project. The Elevator Consultants analyze patterns in usage, track the frequency, severity of maintenance problems, safety, and estimate the equipment needs and overall costs to determine if a modernization is truly necessary.

The Elevator Consultants also points out that many buildings do end up having to modernize before the lifecycle of their equipment would normally dictate because the equipment has not been adequately maintained. Like car performance declines faster if you don’t routinely change the oil, an elevator’s lifecycle can be severely shortened if it is only receiving break-fix maintenance. Take a helpful Should We Modernize? quiz for modernization. 

The Elevator Consultants recommends working with an elevator consultant to ensure that buildings have the data needed to evaluate a potential elevator modernization. Working with an elevator consultant to stay current with your elevator performance data can help you pinpoint the ideal time to modernize, allowing you to plan and budget in advance. It’s one of the most important investments in a building, so make sure you approach it armed with the insight you need.

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