The Elevator Consultants Recommends Commercial Building Automation and Technology to Include Elevator Management and Monitoring

The Elevator Consultants Recommends Commercial Building Automation and Technology to Include Elevator Management and Monitoring

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Dec 06, 2019, 10:13 ET

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CHICAGO, Dec. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The Elevator Consultants advises commercial building and facilities to ensure they’re including elevators and escalators in their “smart” buildings.

Commercial buildings and facilities are constantly undergoing shifts to keep up with innovations in safety, technology and user experience. The advent of sophisticated building management technology has resulted in “smart” buildings that improve operational efficiencies while enhancing the experience of the people who own, manage and occupy them.

However, you might be surprised at how many buildings overlook technology of their elevators, escalators or lifts in their stack of technology tools. It might be more understandable in older buildings, but even many of the newer buildings, those making improvements or renovations or even seeking LEED certifications, may still overlook the specific importance of elevator and escalator technology.

Often, buildings focus on impressive elevator aesthetics, leaving mechanical and operational best practices as an afterthought. Many simply leave the elevator service companies to handle things. Building personnel, of course, have no reason to think that they shouldn’t do that; after all, most don’t have the time or specialized knowledge of that equipment themselves, why not take direction from the service providers?

Unfortunately, in buildings all over the world, regular preventative maintenance is not being performed, and building owners and managers are left in the dark. There are several examples available on the web just Google it or look for incidents on YouTube on this widespread issue of missed maintenance and maintenance records. You will most likely find one of many elevator or escalator incidents that have occurred around the country in the last several months. The focus of these incidents is deferred preventative maintenance or missed regular maintenance. But by integrating elevator maintenance monitoring software into a building, owners and managers can have data which empowers their operations; they receive holistic insight that helps them make the best decisions for the building.

Buildings should consider implementing elevator technology like other building systems that are automated and tracked. Buildings can gain insight which can be crucial, particularly in the wake of a safety issue. An elevator should be an asset to a building, not a liability. To mitigate the risk of safety incidents and assure timely preventive maintenance use technology by The Elevator Consultants

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