The Beauty of Analytics

The Beauty of Analytics

By Corey Kelley

Finding the root cause of a problem can be extremely difficult, especially when that problem is hiding somewhere in thousands of processes running on any given day within a high rise or large commercial building. A loss in revenue and or public perception can be caused by a well intentioned person who is attempting to meet a quota or in an effort to ensure a process runs smoothly. When issues are buried deep within the daily activities of a building data analytics is a tool you can use to save time and identify and address issues quickly and effectively.

I Recently heard Dr. Henry Cloud retell a story from Horst Shultz of the Ritz Carlton. Shultz recounts that a high end hotel had recently opened and was getting rave reviews in everything except room service. The negative reviews consistently stated that room service was unacceptably slow. Understandably, most would expect a few negative comments here and there due to the high expectations of the clientel being served, but the consistency garnered a reaction from management. They decieded to hammer down on the kitchen and the implimented everything they could to address the problem, yet the negative comments continued.

Frustratedly, the hotel manager decided to follow room service from order to delivery. They monitored the person taking the order and found no fault. The kitchen then produced a high quality plated dish in a very timely manner, especially after the changes and time requirements they placed on the kitchen staff. The manager then followed the server to the room the dish was to be delivered. When they arrived to the elevator and pressed the call button they waited. And waited. And waited. It turns out that the person responsible for turning the rooms was propping open the service elevator doors. When asked why he was doing this, the man responded “We only have so long to turn a room and this is the only way I can meet my quota” This employee who was attempting to be efficient cost the company an incalcuable amount of revenue due to their low room service ratings. Whether customers were less likely to order room service or perhaps were turned off to the hote alltogether definitely effected their bottom line.

Problems within a system are difficult and time consuming to identify because you are forced to trace the prductivity of the system from start to end. It is natural to try and save time assuming we know wherein the problem lies, but we are not always equipped to do so. In the story above, the hotel manager assumed the comments about slowness were a result of slow kitchen processes, but were actually caused by a well inentioned employee who was doing his best to follow the instructions he was given. I can only imagine how much time, energy, and employee moral was spent on fixing the kitchen when the actual problem was one employee on the fourth floor changing linnens. How often do we find ourselves assuming we are fixing the problem only to find we’ve only changed a piece that wasn’t broken?

Vertical transportation nowadays is monitored by numerous computers that provide substantial sets of data about that particular system. The Byrd Report interprets that data into laymans terms so that you as a building manager/owner are able to identify the health and or problems within your vertical transportation system and address it with your service team. The Byrd Report walks through your Vertical Transportation system from start to finish and identifies where the problems lie so you can spend more time addressing what is actually broken of fixing things that aren’t.

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