Firefighters break wall to rescue ‘large patient’ stuck in elevator

Firefighters break wall to rescue ‘large patient’ stuck in elevator



Firefighters were forced to break through a wall inside an East Harlem NYCHA building Sunday to extract a “large patient” stuck inside an elevator, the FDNY said.

The person became trapped between the first and second floors of an East River Houses building around 4 p.m. — and it took about two hours for firefighters to extract him through a hole about the size of a 42-inch flat-screen TV, officials and neighbors said.

He was travelling down from the 10th floor with a smaller man and a washing machine, apparently triggering the elevator’s 1,000-pound limit, according to a repair worker at the scene, who wouldn’t give his name.

The other man, believed to be the victim’s dad, was pulled out through the top of the elevator, said resident Asheley Haywood, who called 911 when she heard the emergency button alarm ring.

The pair were helping their cousins move out of the building.

Fire officials said the elevator was in a blind shaft, which means there were no door openings, making it more challenging to access.

Firefighters also broke a smaller hole on the second floor — and a hatchet could be seen stuck on the fifth floor of the 10-story building.

The elevator was still out of commission more than three hours after the incident.

“We just want the elevator to be working again, cause we’re trying to move out,” said the victim’s cousin, who would only give his name as Anthony, adding his relative is doing “fine.”

NYCHA said it was looking into the incident.

Additional reporting by Joe Marino

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