Is It Time To Modernize

Is It Time To Modernize

4/10/2018 0 Comments

If your elevators are 20 years old or older, the answer is yes. It doesn’t matter what your maintenance provider says. It doesn’t matter what your consultant says. It doesn’t matter what companies coming in to bid on a new maintenance contract say. It doesn’t even matter how well your elevators run run. It is time.

That statement may seem a little extreme, but honestly, how many 386 computers are your company using? Are you still using Windows NT? Are you still using the same phone system that was installed 20 years ago? Are you still driving the same car you bought 20 years ago? NO!

Regardless of how well you maintain your car, do you expect it to last forever? How can you expect your elevator equipment to last indefinitely? Even if there are provisions in your maintenance contract to maintain your equipment in “As New” condition. HELLO, time for a reality check. It’s not going to happen.

If your equipment is running reasonably well, you are lucky enough to have time to plan. You have time to select a consultant. You have time for them to build you a scope of work by you and others. There is time to get budgetary numbers for various models of equipment. You have time to make informed choices on the equipment you need. You have time to have a specification assembled. There is time to budget for a comprehensive modernization, rather than an emergency patch job…

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