Some of The Services We Offer

There may be building specific information in your EMS database that we haven't shown here. Contact us with your questions and we'll take a look at no cost to you. Elevator analytics is what we do. Our goal is to provide you with valuable information, not to give you a contractor punch list list of items that are meaningless to you.

Monthly Analysis

Our monthly analysis will provide you with an up to date report of how your elevators are currently performing. We also report on ongoing issues that your maintenance provider may need to address

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Quarterly Analysis

Our quarterly analysis will provide you with an overview of how your elevators have been performing over the last three months. The report will show trends, performance data and ongoing events that may require action by your maintenance provider

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A La Carte

There might be times when you do not require a complete analysis. Maybe you are a property manager that wants to know how often and to which elevator maintenance is being performed or you are an attorney that just needs to know the event history of an elevator, give us a call

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Byrd Analytics, LLC

The solution to a problem for which there was previously no solution

The Informed Manager

Empowering building owners and managers with the information they need to have an intelligent conversation about their elevators

Going Up? The Elevator as a Service Business

Executives are helping develop new revenue opportunities built around a tech-driven service model ByAgam Shah Oct. 7, 2019 5:30 am ET NEW YORK—When passengers step into one of the 36 elevators running at 10 Hudson Yards, the heavy lifting is done by a network of software and sensors. The 53-floor structure, part of the Hudson
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New Thriller Uses Elevator Accidents As Gruesome Plot Device

By Greg ZimmermanELEVATORS When facility management makes its way into popular culture, many FMs understandably hold their breath. Will the author/screenwriter/etc. get obvious buildings-related issue wrong? Will they oversimplify things and make FMs look foolish? Or will they nail it — as many agreed was the case with the blockbuster movie Skyscraper from last summer? A
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Andrew Cuomo and the Curious Case of the $81 Million Elevator

By Henry Grabar Sept 20, 20195:52 PM Earlier this year, a Connecticut woman died after she fell trying to carry her 1-year-old daughter in a stroller down a staircase in a New York City subway station. The accident once again raised the question: In 2019, how does the subway system in the Greatest City on
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